Peppe Voltarelli: A Confluence of Music, Performance and Literature

Known for his immense talent and artistic versatility, Peppe Voltarelli continues to leave an indelible imprint on contemporary arts. From the musical landscape to the cinematic screen, the Italian artist’s endeavours have consistently been synonymous with passion, creativity, and cultural exchange.

Peppe Voltarelli’s Musical Journey

Since his early career, Peppe Voltarelli has explored different musical genres, resulting in a unique fusion of traditional Italian folk, pop, and acoustic melodies. His memorable songs not only offer auditory delight but also serve as poignant narratives of human experiences, love, and his southern Italian roots.His musical brilliance garnered him international acclaim, leading to his collaboration with Otrlive, the remarkable partnership that spanned over six years. This period, cherished by Voltarelli, brought him a significant triumph – the Targa Tenco award in 2010. His gratitude towards his collaborators reverberates clearly in his end-of-year message, where Voltarelli extends heartfelt thanks to Francesco Barbaro, Pino Barbaro, and their dedicated team.

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Venturing into Films and Theatre

Not limiting himself to the musical domain, Voltarelli also left marks on the theatre and cinema. His artistic range extends to these platforms, maintaining his inherent storytelling approach. Unforgettable experiences, such as his involvement in the film “Babylon Sisters”, as both an actor and a contributor to the film’s soundtrack, considerably enriched his artistic journey.

The Peppe Voltarelli Literature Connection

In addition to his music and film ventures, Voltarelli’s engagement with literature adds another dimension to his multifaceted career. The upcoming publication of a book/disk combo, called “Voltarelli canta Profazio”, shows his reverence for the great folk singer Otello Profazio. This “tribute”, as Voltarelli describes it, contains ten reinterpreted songs from Profazio’s repertoire.

Peppe Voltarelli and the Remix Culture

Adding to his versatility, Voltarelli also dabbled in remix culture, partnering with DJ Grissino, a beloved power selector across Europe, and Mintcho Garrammone, a renowned artist from Buenos Aires. Together, they gave a fresh spin to “Il monument”, treating fans to a unique offer in January.

Back to Barcelona: “Cose di Amilcare”

Peppe Voltarelli returns to Barcelona, reviving his association with the esteemed Barcelonese event “Cose di Amilcare”. His second appearance, after his debut in 2012, includes a significant role in several engagements in March.The series starts with a concert at Tinta Roja on March 3rd, followed by a sojourn in the studios of Radio Contrabanda the next day. The weekend then finds Voltarelli taking on the literary persona for a rendezvous at Libreria Le Nuvole. The grand finale comes with the Bianca d’Aponte International festival where he will be one of the key participants.


Peppe Voltarelli’s artistic journey is indeed remarkable. He seamlessly traverses different realms of music, literature, and cinema, marking his ability to synthesize various elements into a unique blend of cultural representation. His upcoming endeavour, coupled with his candid messages, leaves us anticipating another fruitful year of artistic pursuits.His journey is a testament to the symbiosis of artistic drive and respect for tradition – a combination that offers a deeply emotive and invigorating experience for all art and music lovers.

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